The Neubauer Hyperbaric Neurologic Center

The Neubauer Hyperbaric Neurologic Center (NHNC) was the first and original facility to specialize in the neurologic applications of hyperbaric oxygenation and the potentially recoverable brain, treating stroke, coma, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, anoxic encephalopathy and multiple sclerosis patients.  This was also the first center in the world to successfully treat mitochondrial disease(s) with hyperbaric oxygen.

Click here to read the chapter on mitochondrial cytopathies from Dr. Neubauer’s latest edition of his “best selling” book: Hyperbaric Oxygen for Cerebral Palsy and the Brain Injured Child, 2nd edition.

Cumulative research from around the world confirms the results achieved at the Neubauer Hyperbaric Neurologic Center (NHNC) and makes it is obvious that the future of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy will be in the field of neurology, neuroscience and neurorehabilitation.

The Neubauer Philosophy continues

When Dr. Richard A. Neubauer opened his clinic, the Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center in Lauderdale by the Sea, in 1972, he knew that he was going to face many challenges.  The many children and adults that experienced positive, life-changing improvements viewed him as a hero.  The silent majority, especially those who had never heard of hyperbaric oxygen, viewed him with suspicion.  Throughout his life, Dr. Neubauer faced his skeptics and continued to document the successful cases, continued to show the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in the management of various central nervous system disorders.

When Dr. Neubauer passed away in 2007, his legacy, the Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center, continued to receive daily phone calls, emails and letters calling on his expertise.  Fortunately, his experience regarding HBOT is survived by his daughter, Virginia Neubauer, Research Director, who worked for years alongside her father, helping him collect his patient outcomes and present his findings to the world.  In his honor, as of January 1, 2010, this center was renamed the “Neubauer Hyperbaric Neurologic Center”.
This is the true legacy left by Dr. Neubauer, to spread the “HBOT word”.  His now famous words ring true:  “The positive power of the use of hyperbaric oxygenation is really a modification of God’s gift to man oxygen, the basis of life.”